With the Gifty plugin for WooCommerce, you can let your customers redeem their gift card in the shopping cart and during checkout. The balance of the gift card is updated instantly and securely. So you don't have to worry about gift cards redeemed twice.


By following the steps below you will install and configure the Gifty for WooCommerce plugin.


Open the plugin screen in your WordPress dashboard, and search for 'Gifty WooCommerce'. Install and activate the plugin.


Create an API key in your Gifty dashboard. Pick a clear name, as you will see this in your transaction overview. For example: "Webshop". Make sure to copy the API key: it is only visible once.


Open the WooCommerce plugin settings, select Gifty and paste the API key.

All set ??

That's it! Your gift cards are now redeemable in your webshop.